We have been advising clients for many years in the area of banks, insurances and finances – private individuals as capital investors as well as businesses, for example with regard to business financing.

We assist clients with capital market issues and associated issues regarding warranty and insurance services and with related business, contractual and tax law matters. In this context, we additionally support and represent clients in all proceedings before national and European supervisory and regulatory authorities.

Here we pay special attention not only to serving Italian businesses of all sizes but also corresponding companies abroad, especially those from German-speaking countries. We assist these businesses with all matters concerning capital market, banking and insurance law matters, particularly helping banking and insurance boards and management with resolving complex legal issues and with all questions about conducting operational banking and insurance transactions. Moreover, we have extensive experience consulting and supporting international insurance companies.
We support private capital investors and investors in Italy with questions concerning investments in funds as well as with issues concerning bonds, stocks and debt instruments. If an investment proves unsuccessful, we assess the legal responsibilities to enable clients to successfully make potential compensation claims either out-of-court or in court in Italy.

We also provide support to private individuals in Italy in matters of banking and insurance law. In the context of banking law, we provide consultation and representation in connection with account agreements, credit and loan agreements and with all questions concerning guarantees and warranties (mortgages, sureties, etc.).

With regard to questions of insurance law, we are points of contact for life and disability insurances as well as for legal questions in the context of liability and building insurance. This includes resolving general questions concerning insurance agreements as well as asserting payment claims against insurances in Italy – both in and out of court.