Our firm is well equipped not only to critically examine but to also promptly and reliably draft all agreements relevant to commercial, mercantile and real estate law for our clients from Italy and abroad as well as to defend such agreements against legal challenges. We are also prepared to draft complex and unusual agreements.

Contracts play a role in nearly every area of a business, independently of the type of business or the market in which it is situated. Individual agreements help to ensure that legal disputes are avoided from the outset and encourage reliable cooperation, be they general contracts or sets of agreements in IP or corporate law.

If this is true within national borders, it is all the more true for international sets of agreements, e.g. for agreements between Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein or Switzerland and Italy. Where differences exist between various legal systems and languages, not only does the attorney‘s knowledge of the legal system matter: language skills and an understanding of a different culture of contracts and negotiations contribute enormously to the success of contractual matters within Europe, as well.

It is because of this that we support clients in Italy with international issues in contract law: in Italian, German and in English, if needed, with comprehensive legal expertise especially in Italian law but also in German, Austrian and international private law. And should it be necessary, we draw on a reliable network of attorneys in Austria and Germany. In addition to reviewing, drafting and negotiating international contracts, we assist clients with asserting contractual rights and remedies, e.g. with regard to withdrawal, cancellation, termination or damage claims. And of course we also deal with the enforcement of contractual claims and defence against third-party claims in Italy – both in and out of court.

In addition to contract law, matters of contractual and legal liability are also part and parcel of European and international private business law. At the same time, reliable analyses of contractual and legal liability and litigation risks beforehand or during the course of a project frequently serve as the basis for a project‘s legal and commercial success. And if liability claims are asserted against our clients in Italy or if our clients wish to assert liability claims themselves, they can count on us doing the right thing – whatever the individual circumstances require.