Professional consultancy in international and Italian commercial law also includes consultation and representation in criminal commercial law, on the one hand to preventatively spot criminal pitfalls during the course of providing commercial law advice or to structure things legally in conformity with (criminal) law from the outset, for example within the framework of compliance activities or organisational models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231 /2001. On the other hand, legal support in commercial law also means, of course, providing assistance in the case of preliminary and criminal proceedings in Italy and providing an effective defence with respect to investigating authorities and courts.

For this reason, we advise and represent not only business but also managing directors, board members, and supervisory boards in all relevant areas of commercial law in Italy and on all questions of criminal corporation law, criminal insolvency law and criminal company law.

Especially in criminal company law, foreign businesses must be aware of a particularity of Italian commercial law: in Italy, businesses and corporations can be criminally liable – in addition to criminal liability among the persons involved (Legislative Decree 231 / 2001) if provisions were not made in corresponding organisational models. As such criminal liability can entail significant implications (fines, revocation of licences, etc.), we pay special attention to this issue when providing businesses with (criminal) commercial law advice.

Owing to our expertise in European / international tax law, international and Italian criminal tax law is also a significant part of our work. We provide you with strategic advice, for example with respect to the possibility and usefulness of a voluntary declaration in the case of impending criminal tax law proceedings. We of course represent our clients in proceedings before the tax and financial authorities, as well, either in parallel with criminal proceedings or completely independently thereof.