Our firm focuses on advising and representing business in private and public commercial law in Italy. Here, all of our clients benefit from our professional expertise and many years of international experience in Italian and international commercial law. Clients from German-speaking regions also benefit from the opportunity of obtaining advice and representation locally in Italy without language barriers.

We support businesses of every size in all legal business matters associated with (planned) business activities in Italy, for example the formation of companies and subsidiaries but also in the area of sales and acquisitions of businesses, M & A and upstream (legal) due diligence and public-private partnership structures. We draft articles of incorporation and partnership agreements as well as execute management contracts pursuant to Italian law. If company conveyances and company successions are an issue, as in all other cases it is our aim to find appropriate, individual structuring solutions, especially if matters related to family and inheritance law play a role.

Needless to say, while we support businesses in Italy, we also provide support in all other areas of commercial law. In the case of liability claims, we are consultants for businesses and for representatives of governing bodies as well as a reliable representative in civil and criminal proceedings in this context. We are consultants and representatives if an insolvency is around the corner or has already occurred, but we are also points of contact for restructuring and turnaround management.

And not least, we assist businesses with professional, legal receivables management in Italy both out-of-court and in court as well as with enforcement proceedings, when necessary.