We have been advising clients in inheritance laws for many years – nationally and internationally, particularly within German-speaking regions and in Italy.

Inheritance law in itself is already oftentimes quite complex. Inheritance-related circumstances are not made any easier when an inheritance involves or will involve more than one legal system. This may be the case, for example, where a citizen from Germany, Austria or another EU country or other country in the world who owns real estate in Italy passes away (e.g. holiday home).

In particular, if property in Italy becomes part of an estate, it is sensible and important to avail oneself of legal assistance locally in order to get reliable clarification of the legal situation and tax issues in Italy without language barriers. We are happy to assist you with our expertise in Italian and international inheritance law – even with contacting authorities and courts in Italy, for example registering the inheritance or transferring ownership. In addition, with our reliable network in Germany and Austria, we are very well-equipped to provide comprehensive support in complex, cross-border inheritance-related circumstances.

In addition to assisting with and handling inheritances, we are a reliable contact partner for private individuals and entrepreneurs when it comes to sensibly structuring (tax-wise) transnational estate plan, e.g. by means of a will or living gift. In the area of succession planning, we especially advise entrepreneurs acting internationally who hold a stake in a business in Italy or who operate a subsidiary or branch of their business in Italy. If corporate law questions converge on inheritance and/or family law questions, our international commercial law expertise and experience make us ideally situated to reliably and practically design cross-border succession plans.