Christoph Perathoner

Dr of Laws, Christoph Perathoner, LL.M. (Eur. Law) is the senior partner and founder of the law firm Perathoner and Partners. He advises corporate clients in Italian, German and English. His mother tongue is Ladin.

His legal practice focuses on providing multilingual advice and representation to international and national companies and groups in Italian commercial, business, trade and tax law. In addition, he advises and assists companies in the field of IP and in competition, financial markets, banking and insurance law, in liability law and tort. In the field of M&A and business transfers, Christoph Perathoner has successfully managed numerous national and international projects.

Against the background of his own corporate experience as member and chair of corporation supervisory boards in the energy, transport and transportation sectors, he possesses a sound legal knowledge, which he deploys when advising his clients on Italian, European and international transport, transportation and energy law.

Dr Christoph Perathoner is a member of the Bolzano Bar Association and, as a practising European lawyer, a member of the Munich Bar Association. He is currently chair of the International Forum for Commercial Law. In Italy, he is licensed to provide representation before all the Italian higher courts (avvocato cassazionista) and has, for many years, acted at both national and international levels in the field of arbitration.

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