Lorenz Ebner

Lawyer, Lorenz Ebner, advises and manages companies and private individuals in the fields of contract law, commercial law, insurance law and inheritance law in Italy and has practised as a lawyer for many years, both in court and out of court. He represents clients in Italy and Austria, predominantly in the fields of contract law, liability law, tort, and also in inheritance law, insurance law, insolvency law and in general civil law. Additionally, he acts for domestic and foreign clients in specific fields of commercial law, such as, for example, in legal matters relating to transport contracts, transportation insurance, cargo transportation, shipping, freight and warehousing. Lawyer, Ebner, has also successfully handled various commercial arbitration proceedings for clients.

A further focus of his legal practice covers tax law and tax procedural law in Italy and in Europe. As an expert, he represents companies and private clients before the ordinary courts and tax commissions in this field. He has published widely in this field.

Lorenz Ebner is a member of the Bolzano Bar Association and licensed to provide representation before all the Italian higher courts (avvocato cassazionista). In addition, as a practising European lawyer, he is a member of the Tyrolean Bar Association in Austria.