The public administration law is a major focus of our firm. In fact, two of our firm’s partners are recognized nationwide as proven experts in this field and possess the highest level of professional competence and practical experience in the various areas of Italian administrative law.

In administrative law, we advise and support companies and private individuals as well as public authorities or private-sector companies of the public sector.

We provide companies and private individuals from Italy and German-speaking countries with comprehensive support in administrative law matters in Italian and German: We examine and clarify claims vis-à-vis public authorities, e.g. in building law, urban planning, energy and environmental law, or enforce claims for government action out of court and before the courts, e.g. in connection with concessions or the granting of building permits. Where possible, we ward off interventions in legal positions such as property, clarify questions of administrative or state liability and, if necessary, enforce damages or compensation claims in all instances of court. But we are also a reliable partner for public authorities in these and all other administrative matters.

One focus of our work for public authorities and companies in Italy, however, is on legal issues in the context of awarding contracts and public tenders and in the area of public-private partnerships.

We provide proven expertise in planning, design and support of public-private partnership projects in Italy, e.g. in the areas of transport, supply and disposal. We attach great importance to a legally exact and economically sensible integration of private companies from Italy or (German-speaking) foreign countries into public tasks.
And in connection with public tenders and public procurement law as well, we are experts whom private companies and public authorities can rely on – starting with the design of the public tender, through support during the selection procedure to the award of the contract. We support the public administration, but on the other hand – of course never in the same procedure – we also represent companies in the judicial challenge of award decisions in all official and judicial instances, in Italy as well as before the highest European courts.