Transport has become faster, easier and more efficient in a Europe of open borders. It is precisely for this reason that the volume of cross-border transport by road, rail, sea or air is steadily increasing. From a legal point of view, regulations of (inter-)national law on the one hand, standard terms / conditions of the transport and forwarding industry on the other hand and not least individual contracts between consignors, forwarders, transporters, warehousemen, consignees and insurers apply internationally and also within the EU for cross-border transports and transports.

In order to offer companies in the freight forwarding and transport industry the greatest possible (legal) security with regard to this complex legal environment, we provide legal advice in transport and freight forwarding law on specific issues, for example in connection with customs and tax law problems, with regard to necessary documentation or insurance. Of course, we are also are a contact for examination and drafting of, for example, transport and logistics contracts, but also for framework agreements or general terms and conditions (GTC).

And last but not least, we represent clients in proceedings before authorities, regulatory authorities and courts in Italy, as well as in Germany and Austria via our reliable network. This applies, among other things, to the extrajudicial or judicial enforcement or defence of remuneration claims or liability claims, representation vis-à-vis customs in inspections and test procedures as well as legal representation in administrative offence proceedings or criminal proceedings.

It goes without saying that we also support and represent our clients in (international) arbitration proceedings in Italy, throughout Europe or internationally.